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A retreat is a period of quiet, rest and contemplation in a safe and secluded place; it provides time to
 allow oneself to move away from ones normal activities and points of view.

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August 12 - August 16, 2010

A four-day Personal Journey with

(gentle yoga for all levels -no  prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary)

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~ Rest ~ Relaxation ~ Rejuvenation ~ Reflection~

Psychosynthesis is a natural,  creative and ongoing process of growth toward self-realization of our inner potentials.  The practice of Yoga, along with the practice of  guided psychosynthesis techniques, provides us with tools that enable us to identify and integrate untapped inherent qualities and potentials leading to fuller engagement and thus greater satisfaction in life.

This workshop will focus on learning and experiencing ways to be in this natural process from a more conscious perspective by identifying emerging needs and potentials and the blocks that keep this emergence from fuller realization.

Relax, rejuvenate, restore and reconnect in a beautiful mid-coast Maine village at a restored ˜New  Englander” farmhouse, minutes from downtown and the bay.  We will use yoga, meditation, guided journeying and guided dialogue to facilitate coming into presence as a point of exploration for your four-day personal  journey.

I invite you to consider what it is  in your life right now, something that seems to stand out in some way for you at this point in time, that you want to bring into more clarity; a question or concern, or perhaps a quality (like joy or beauty) that you want to acknowledge and bring more to the forefront.  Think of this  as creating a conscious intention around being in the world.  Start where you are; this is not a set or fixed process. Rather, view the process as a flowing river and you are riding the current open to  whatever arises on the journey. 

The retreat will be structured in a  way that will honor your need for privacy and your own personal process. There will be opportunity to share what you choose to  share in a safe and fun way. There will also be ample opportunity to  engage with others within the larger bay community and to bring your  emerging gift(s) into the context of larger relationship exploring the many gifts it has to offer: art, gardens, hiking, boating, antiquing, dining or simply sitting in peaceful reflection at a nearby ocean-view park

Dianne Mekelburg, M.Ed., ERYT.   Dianne is an experienced and nationally registered Yoga Teacher and  Yoga Therapist.  She is the owner of a private practice studio in Baltimore, Maryland.  Her practices are informed by a mindfulness-based approach that includes presence and ahimsa (non-harming) as guiding principles.  She offers yearly restorative and personal  exploration retreats at the Belfast Yoga Center (ME).  She is a  practicing Facilitator of the Process of Psychosynthesis.  She has  studied and trained with the Palo Alto Psychosynthesis Program (CA), the Synthesis  Center (MA), and is currently engaged in private study with Molly Young Brown. (CA).
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    To REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM PLEASE e-mailDIANNE, or call her at: 410-409-2295



    at the retreat center
    (limited to 6 persons) Total cost for all four nights:
    - Shared Twin  bed room: $100/person
    - Queen bed room: $150

    Program Fee: $120

    Thai Yoga Massage: $75

    linens, kitchen, laundry and some breakfast foods provided

    meals, travel and touring expenses not included

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